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Not many companies can truly say they and their products are 100% American - at Nettexx we can truly say we design, manufacture and package netting and shade entirely in the USA.  

We stand by our quality with one of the best warranty in the industry. Call us and see how competitive our prices are and the quality of our products. 

For more information, our contact details are:

Toll free: 1-800 426-4690 

Toll free: 1-800 NETTEXX

Fax:        1-864 297-4132

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Nettexx offices and manufacturing plant location is: 16 Pelham-Davis Circle, Greenville, SC 29615 USA.




Golf Netting

Golf Impact Netting

Baseball Net

Baseball Impact Netting

Baseball Tunnels Netting

Baseball Backdrop Curtains



Landfill Netting

Bleacher Fabric Netting

Crowd Control Fencing

Tennis Windscreen Netting

Ski Sports Fencing

Custom Netting & Roping

Shade Cloth Netting

Privacy Fence Netting

Shade Sails Netting         

Bird Netting

Scaffolding Fabric Netting

Cattle Shade Netting

Warehouse Netting

Truck Tarps Netting

Toxic Pond Netting

Military Shades Netting

Military Stealth Materials

Hail Protection

Fish Hatchery Netting

Ground Cover Netting

Paintball Netting


Vacuum Transfer Resin Moulding