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Netting Quality Control

Netting is a simple product, with a very basic function. Yet, the process of producing netting is not simple and the task of manufacturing even the simplest of netting material requires many steps and processes to ensure the highest quality is being delivered to our customers.

Achieving product excellence is not that difficult, maintaining consistent product reliability and integrity is the challenge. As preferred providers to the US government's military, product excellence is not the goal - it is the standard.

Weave Method

The characteristics of a netting product depends on many things. One of the most important factor besides the material composition is the way the netting is weaved. Netting with simpler weave settings tend to be less expensive, have a shorter life span and not as strong. On the other hand, more complex weaves tend to produce stronger and longer lasting netting. Nettexx is committed to delivering products to the customer that will bring the best value for money.


Committing to technology to achieve product excellence is nothing new to Nettexx. For over 35 years, we have kept up to breast with weaving technology and emerging material science developments, to keep up with the pace of the changing industry and the growing demands of our customers. At our facility we have the capital resources to yield mulitple productions of netting materials of varying specifications in commercial volumes 24/7.

Process Control

The process of netting manufacturing is simple but not easy. Producing a roll of netting involves many steps, and things can go wrong at any one of these points. All it takes it one defect, mistep, or miscalculation and the result is hundreds of feet of commercially unviable netting. At Nettexx, we have in place various continous improvement strategies to maintain product integrity. Yes, we put a lot into something that is really simple - netting, but that is why we have one of the world's best product warranties.

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