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Excellence Recognized

In 2000, Nettexx (Roxford-Fordell) was officially recognized by the US military with the high honor of the US Military Vendor Award. This award essentially reflected Nettexx's customer service approach, product excellence and delivery of time sensitive products in large volumes.

At Nettexx, we pride ourselves in having this approach to all our customers, no matter how big or small the order is - we apply our high standards across the board.

What matters to us at Nettexx is probably what matters to our customers, and that is quality and price. That's right, we feel that we need to make the best-in-class products for the best possible price. It is a delicate balance, as those who are in business will testify, but we achieve this through the application of continous business process improvement strategies through our design, manufacturing and marketing processes.


US Military Vendor Award

"Presented to Roxford Fordell, on behalf of the Natick Soldier Center & Integrated Logistics Support Center in recognition of your outstanding efforts in the production of Solar Shades. Your contributions to this effort have significantly benefited our Warfighters in the current opertations; Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom. With our greated appreciation for your dedication to this effort."
Signed by Steven Nye, Fabric Structures Team, Natick Soldier Center, and Donald Reedy, Integrated Logistics Support Center, Tacom.